Niko's Barber Shop

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The Shop

The Beginning

In 2008, Niko's started as a two-chair establishment in an antiquated barbershop on Thurman Avenue.

The shop needed work, but the haircuts were clean. Every cut created a repeat customer, and Niko's Barbershop began to build a reputation in Columbus.

True gentlemen recognize quality, and after five years, demand for the premier services at Niko's made upgrading to a new space a necessity.

Niko's Barber Shop
Niko's Barber Shop Niko's Barber Shop

Hard Work

The shop has come a long way from that humble beginning. Sleek chrome chairs, repurposed wood counters and high tin ceilings prove that hard work pays off.

Niko's Barber Shop is proudly lettered in gold leaf on the front window, but we still cut hair like we're trying to make a name for ourselves. Come see for yourself.

"Work hard, stay humble"

Niko's Barber Shop